We build the right product and we build the product right.

Software Development

Ruby on Rails Elixir/Phoenix Ember.js TDD CI/CD

With nearly a decade of experience in crafting digital products, we have a confident knowledge to create scalable and fast applications. Our test-driven approach enables us to create long-lasting software, that’s easy to maintain.

We are always dedicated to constant learning and being acquainted with the latest technologies. We believe Elixir is the next big thing on the web.

A performance focused framework for creating client-side web applications. We use Ember because we are long-term thinkers, and it offers productivity and stability.

Ruby on Rails
Our experience with Ruby on Rails enables us to write high quality code and create amazing web applications, that are fast and easy to scale.

If you have an existing product, but you are looking for code improvements, optimisation and long-term integrity, we are more than happy to help. If your team is not capable of building a complete digital product, we can help you put your project on track.


design thinking usability testing user stories prototyping user flows

When we start working on a project, we take our time to learn about problems and possibilities. We do everything in our capacity to understand end users of the product.

Design Research
After several rounds of validating ideas, we turn prototypes into designs. In close collaboration with our clients, we identify the graphical direction and do several rounds of revisions if needed.

Visual Design
More often than not, visual design is equally important to functionality. In this phase we focus on typography, color, proportions and hierarchies.

User Experience

design thinking user focus ux research prototyping usability testing ux design engagement analytics

A good user experience helps solving business problems. We help our clients by identifying the crucial areas, measure and fine-tune our solutions to maximize improvement.

User Research
Every project is different and requires unique solutions. We usually conduct user interviews and gather all available data for further analysis. We always aim for aiding decision making with both quantitative and qualitative data.

User Testing
We bring ideas to life by creating prototypes that perfectly model the functionality of the future product. We do this to test our ideas in action and validate the solutions we crafted.

Project/Product Management

MVP Agile design sprints transparency roadmaps

We use modern project management techniques to monitor the schedule, costs and quality of projects. We are very good at breaking down big problems into smaller chunks, so it is easier to plan ahead, understand progress and prioritise the workload.

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