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The Challenge

The Asia Pacific Leaders’ Malaria Alliance (APLMA) is the coalition of the Asia Pacific Heads of Government who have committed to eliminate malaria in the region by 2030. We partnered with APLMA to create their new website, which serves as a communication tool between country experts, partner institutions, decision-makers and influencers.


COVID-19 pushed the fight against that some well-known diseases to the background. We were tasked to create a website, that underlines the importance of malaria elimination and shares resources that help governments fight against malaria in these times.

Our main challenges for this project included:

  1. Creating a website that is in line with APLMA visual guidelines and is up with the highest standards.
  2. Setting up a CMS solution that is easy to use for staff members without technical support.
  3. Design an infographics solution that displays performance indicators of Asia Pacific countries in their fight for malaria elimination.


A lot of planning had to go into website structure, layouts and designs. We had 2 workshop sessions with the whole APLMA team to better understand their target audience, history and future goals.

Discovery Workshop

The Solution

We received the existing visual guidelines for the project, that we pretty much flipped and gave the website a fresh, distinctive look and feel. For the Content Management System we have implemented our own solution Horizon, a user friendly administrative backend with regular updates and new features.

Some of the key feature of Horizon include:

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Gallery module
  • Meta data editing
  • Forms module
  • Block editor
  • Static label editor

Country progress updates are a key tool in communicating results and commitments of Asia Pacific countries in malaria elimination. The solution we built for APLMA allows staff members to easily update their infographics from the CMS and display their data in a visual way. All this without the help of a graphic designer or a web developer.

APLMA Country Report
APLMA Website Homepage


RubyPostgreSQLHerokuTailwind CSSVueJSAmazon Web Services

The Results

APLMA is now enjoying a brand new website, attracting various stakeholders to the cause and making it easier for them to share country statistics.

Our work with APLMA does not stop here, we continue to support them in their fight for malaria elimination. That is what we are all about, web solutions for positive impact.

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