We love to

write code do the research talk to our clients deliver results work anywhere dive deep ride bikes hit the slopes go camping

Evermore is a digital agency specialised
in custom web solutions and applications.
We are striving for a perfect balance in
our lives, found between work and fun. We are EVERMORE

Our team

Avi Barouh

Co founder
Globetrotter, father, rollerblader, trying to fit too many things in a single day.

Dávid Reinhold

Co founder
Proud of the talented bright minds at Evermore. Love to share trail running and ski touring with friends and family.

Balaźs Szabolcska

Project Director
Loving what you do is such an unfair advantage to anyone you are competing with who does it for a job.

Mirko Akov

Code, play, ride

Zlatan Zlatanov

Full stack developer, sea lover, self-motivated technology enthusiast

Ivaylo Mladenov

Project Manager
Evolving in life, since 1987.

Vasko Nedelchev

Pushing pixels, drawing pictures, cruising on a skateboard sometimes.

Vladislav Vodenicharski

Aiming for the perfect product, always eager to learn new things. Has a natural inclination for sports.

Our work

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