Besides web development and design, Evermore excels at video streaming. We started 7 years ago, our first client being a Geneva based NGO called UN Watch. Ever since we have been accumulating a compelling level of expertise in this field that is best reflected in the platform we developed – Livecasts.

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Our story

Back in the days, we used to videotape events and after a while we decided to live stream them. For this purpose, we built a black page with an embedded player. At a certain point, we realized we had to develop a more evolved tool to facilitate the growing requirements of our clients and users.

At that time, it was a one-person dependent system – only the developer could operate with it and no one else, lacking the specific technological skill set. Our new goal was to take the developer out of the equation. In 2013, we released

Battle-hardened know-how

Ever since we have been testing and introducing new features. It is crucial that we have been utterly flexible to our clients’ requirements. If a feature that was tailor-made for a single client proved to be efficient and translatable to other clients’ needs, we would introduce it to The platform evolved from event to event. As our business grew, so did our experience and knowledge and we decided to go one step further. In 2016, we opted for a redesign of the platform to improve the overall streaming experience.


User engagement

Our goal was to boost the users’ pleasure in the interaction and to increase our clients’ connectivity and visibility. Now is revamped with modern look and feel and new features to boost both our clients’ and the end users’ satisfaction by improving the usability and ease of use.

The redesign is based on the analytics how people were using the platform and what else they wanted. We aimed not only at a different design, but also at improving the user experience. Now they can make use of add-ons like Program, Q&A, Twitter feed, see the presentation slides and the speakers’ biographies, etc.

The clients can track how many people have watched the event, add sticky notes if there’s a delay or other needed notifications, opt for a closed stream with individually generated tokens and many more.

The Outcomes

Creating Livecasts was a long but rewarding process that ensured our business productivity. It helped us build long-term partnerships with our clients and now we offer our streaming services with reliability and precision. Our clients trust us with streaming their events and solely focus on growing their business.

The team:
PM, designer, front-end developer and back-end developer

Guillaume Desclée
Founder & COO, MyMicroInvest

“The Livecasts team contributed to the success of our event with a problem-solving attitude and high flexibility. They managed to do a couple of site visits in a very short time frame and set up their equipment seamlessly. High-level professional service.”

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