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The backstory

NucNet is an independent nuclear news agency and information network for the global nuclear industry based in Brussels. When we first met with their team, they had already decided to reinvent their digital experience. They wanted to change the look and feel of the platform and improve the way everything functioned from an admin point of view. At the time they were stuck with expensive third-party software, which did not give them enough flexibility and control over the content they created every day.

Dinosaurs - EDC-Free Europe

The solution

Following a few meetings, NucNet chose Evermore to design and build a new digital platform that serves the needs of their readership. We partnered with them to create a responsive website that meets the needs of the nuclear industry policymakers, stakeholders and content creators. We also improved the way they manage content and their daily marketing campaigns.

Our contribution

  • Content architecture
  • Digital strategy
  • User research
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Responsive website development
  • Content management system
  • Integration with a CRM solution
  • Development of a newsletter sending service
  • Quality assurance

New logo

Naturally, the visual transformation continued with rebranding and new logo creation.

NucNet Logo 1, NucNet Logo 2, NucNet Logo 3

UX/UI process

The whole process started with a workshop that took place in NucNet’s offices in Brussels. It was then followed by an in-depth analysis of their users and definition of the key metrics for success, which in their case is the number of new subscribers and the churn rate.

Three important behavioural goals were identified:

  1. Simplify the way people start a trial
  2. Make news and special reports easier to search and browse
  3. Make newsletter easier to read

In the design process, we focused our attention on these and created wireframes to easily communicate our ideas with the client.

Custom Web Platform NucNet 1
Custom Web Platform NucNet 2

Technology stack

The snappy front-end and newsletter experience is supported by a powerful technology stack. The backend system is based on Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL, while we used Tailwind CSS and Vue.js. for creating the facing website.

RubyPostgreSQLHerokuTailwind CSSVueJS

The result

In the first month after the launch, the number of new trial subscription requests tripled compared to last year’s total. Page visits doubled on a monthly basis, while site interaction increased, with the bounce rate going as low as under 5%. For us, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with NucNet’s team and learn more about an industry that was new to us. We will be looking forward to continually upgrading the platform and partnering with the team in the years to come.

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