Improving user experience at EU events

Live streaming product

The backstory

Aside from building custom web solutions for our clients, we also specialise in video streaming. This has started in 2006, our first client being a Geneva-based NGO called UN Watch. We have been improving our own live streaming product ever since.

Live streaming EU events

About the project

A long long time ago we used to videotape events for clients. After a while, we decided to go digital and live stream them. For this purpose, we built a simple black page with an embedded player. At a certain point, we realised we had to develop a more sophisticated tool to facilitate the growing requirements of our clients and users.

At that time it was a system dependant on developers; only people with a specific skill set could operate it. Our goal was to take the developer out of the process and the result came in 2013 when we officially released

Livecasts is a streaming platform designed and built by Evermore. Today the platform is regularly used by parties of the European Parliament as well as by banks and insurance companies, such as Generali, Bank Degroof and BNP Paribas.

The solution

Since the start of the project, we’ve been incrementally adding new features to serve our clients’ needs. In some cases, we rolled out functionalities tailored for a certain event. In case the new feature proved to be successful we introduced it to The platform evolved from event to event. As our business grew, so did our experience and knowledge. In 2016 we decided to go one step further and redesign the entire streaming experience. Our goal was to boost user engagement and to increase our clients’ visibility.

The redesign process was driven by the results from the analytics and user feedback about the service. We didn’t only at a different design, but also at improving the overall user experience. Now our clients can make use of new modules like the Program, Q&A, Twitter feed, Presentations, speakers’ biographies, etc.

The clients can track how many people have watched the event, add sticky notes if there’s a delay or other needed notifications, opt for a closed stream with individually generated tokens and many more.

Livecasts 1
Livecasts 2

Technology stack

RubyReactJSMySQLWowza Streaming EngineDigitalOceanWebSocket API

Team setup

  • 2 Developers
  • UI Designer
  • Product Manager

The outcome

Creating Livecasts was a long but rewarding process. It helped us build long-term partnerships with our clients and now we offer our streaming services with increased reliability and precision. While we take care of recording and streaming events, our clients can focus on what matters to them: building relationships and growing their business.

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